Guardsman Knee Pads
Guardsman Knee Pads

Guardsman Knee Pads

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The Guardsman Knee Pad gives you ALL the protection you could ever ask for. Let's face it - no one likes taking a pedal to the shin or get a shiner from your front tire throwing loose rocks at them. We have all been there! The KEVLAR padding over the shin and knees keep you crushing your favorite trails while the terrycloth liner and open backs keep you cool. The straps give you the custom fit you desire from your protection to keep you going. 


  • KEVLAR material over the knee and shin.
  • Anatomically constructed for secure positioning.
  • Fit control strap technology
  • Proprietary High-density foam on knee and shin.
  • Open back breathable design
  • Elastic strap on top to secure positioning.
  • Sweat saving terry cloth liners.

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